Other Software

scheduled.pl scheduled.pl [   | -h | mmmm/dd/yy]
Reads the crontab file for the current user and provides a formatted listing of the jobs that are scheduled to run today. The optional parameter -h prints a usage paragraph. Supplying a date in the specified format will provide output for the specified date, based on the current contents of the crontab file.
dump_oracle_tables.pl dump_oracle_tables.pl
Allows you to dump Oracle table data for retrieval (migration?) via non-Oracle software. Highly flexible: retrieve listed tables or non-listed; exclude some table types; put data all in one file or one file per table; specify various delimiters.
cnparse.lib require cnparse.lib;
Enables pretty good call number sorting. This is a code library that you use from your own Perl program. Example:
  @cnpart_array = cnparse($call_number);
Create a string of data that you want to sort (in pseudo-Perl):
  push to_sort_array,
     @cnpart_array . call_#_&_other_data_to_sort

Then sort your to_sort_array and output your data.
cnparse.lib is the latest version of my algorithm. It intelligently parses call numbers into pieces suited for sorting. While designed with LC call numbers in mind, it works well with everything in our collection, which includes different numbering schemes.
Looking for Voyager related software? Our institution no longer uses Voyager. Voyager-specific utilities previously listed here are still available for now by contacting me at roy (.) zimmer (at) wmich (.) edu
List of software: checkanitem sifextract ratiocheck implogidextract ulogtranslate rptarchive getoldrptlog fixpatpurgesif patpurgesifext voy2vufind oneactivepatron
There were also extract utilities for Summon (Proquest) and MeLCat.
These utilities were last used with Voyager 8.2.0 (and Oracle 11 where applicable).

Related software by other authors:
Paul Asay, Indiana State University
Michael Doran, University of Texas at Arlington
Gary Strawn, Northwestern University

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